Health and Safety Program

The Wyser safety program is critical to the success of each project and is primary to our daily operations at every level. The company safety plans comply with all Federal, State, and local regulations and provide the proper work practices and engineering controls necessary to create and maintain a safe workplace. Each worker is trained to recognize workplace hazards, use proper protective procedures and avoid any unnecessary risk. Their efforts, combined with management's positive leadership and proactive approach, prevent injuries and protect co-workers, other contractors, project visitors and the public. Our years of successful experience working in the most challenging conditions give us the ability to produce a consistently superior quality product while satisfying the most stringent project safety protocols.

Hazardous Waste Operations (HAZWOPER)

The Hazardous Waste Operations Standard, WAC 296-843, specifies a number of protective measures for workers on environmental cleanup operations. Our Health and Safety program is aimed at protecting workers in accordance with these requirements and provides site-specific training, medical monitoring, respiratory protection, and exposure monitoring, as required.


Wyser personnel who may be exposed to health hazards during field work receive HAZWOPER training which includes the 40-hour basic course, 8-hour supervisory course, and an 8-hour annual update course. Project-specific training is conducted to familiarize workers and subcontractors with the potential hazards likely to be encountered during work activities.